Waving flags

I wont barrage you with articles on the US elections as I’m sure the wires are full of it anyway but please allow me just one. I subscribe to the camp that says Obama inherited the biggest hospital pass known to mankind in receiving charge of a country in financial turmoil after decades of excess and poor decision making from previous regimes. If you want to get out of rough waters then you are going to have to steady the ship and I think BO has done a good job of that, don’t forget that he took office only weeks after Lehman collapsed and AIG threatened to really bring the dark ages. This is not an exaggeration, Lehman was bad …real bad, AIG would have been catastrophic. Americans who voted for change four years ago are now panicking because they have not got back to the largesse of previous years. If there is a man out there who says they could have corrected the previous 30 years mistakes in just 4 in a country like America then I will show you a liar. Obama has done a good job of steadying the ship, now is the time to repair the sails and begin thinking about heading out to rough waters whoever that may be in November.


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