Trouble in paradise?

China and Japan are having a bit of argy bargy with each other at the moment over some pretty insignificant islands. To me it all seems like bravado and chest-puffing ahead of both countries regime changes. So show of strength to enamour nationalistic pride and a sense of strong leadership, but to underestimate it would be a danger. These are two super powers effectively having a stand off and there has already been some pretty hate filled actions on the streets of China against Japanese businesses and even the odd Toyota been set on fire. China is an emerging power in global politics and cant be seen by the Americans to just roll over on issues and Japan probably not a fan of letting China just push it aside whenever it feels like it. Then again it could all just be a staged distraction from the fact that both economies are going through a rough patch….but that is just the cynical side of me talking………..

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