Round 2- The gloves were off

Obama and Romney went at it again last night and a much better performance was seen by Obama this time. He has come back from a taking a licking in the last debate to put in a good performance last night. Last night was more of a town hall style meeting than a debate in that the two contenders were able to stand and walk around the amphi-theatre which lead to a much more combative style argument,  plenty of finger pointing and abrasive body language displayed by both men. Led to good watching and that’s really what it is – theatre. Pitching the two leaders head on is never going to lead to a discussion based on truth and facts really, it will always descend into mud slinging and statistics being used that may or may not have any base in reality but sure do sound good. I’m probably biased as I am often taken in by the Obama charm but I still feel Romney comes across very aggressive and quite arrogant. Numerous times he attempted to shout down the moderator to get his point in and you could see from his body language how frustrated he was when she continued. You could almost see on his face that he was trying his best to repel his natural tendency to go milling in and silence her so he can get his point across, I’m sure in his “illustrious” career in the private sector that he often refers to when he spoke his sub-ordinates kept quiet and nodded their head. Probably not the best way to deal with the american public.  

Focus of the debate again was on the economy and a lot of back and forth as to who’s plan was best to get them out of the hole they are currently in. Not a huge amount of detail here again but there was a good debate on energy dependency, both contenders are all for increasing the USA’s energy independence but slightly different ways about getting there. Romney seems to be for oil, natural gas and especially coal, whereas Obama has a slightly more long term view in that he stills wants to champion the renewable energy theme. This seems to be the one point they both  agree that will lead to increased employment in the US, 

It has set the scene for a good third debate as it is now in the eyes of most 1-a-piece.


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