Man VS machine -Another score for machine

Newsweek the international magazine has confirmed it will cease to publish its hard copy edition at the end of the year and move to full digital distribution. Even dinosaurs like myself who although still  appreciates a hard copy can recognise the need for this and the increasing irrelevance of print media. 

In a digital fast moving world there is decreasing space and desire for a physical copy of any media content. Internet, tablets, kindle, twitter, facebook, wikileaks etc has proved to be an efficient model of distribution for media and news content. I can remember a time when downloading anything (mind out of the gutter please) was a laborious task that often lead to screen freezes and massive tantrums. Now with bandwidth increasing at ever faster speeds practically anything you want is downloadable faster than Felix can fall from space. 

If you have not seen it I urge you to watch the documentary called PAGE ONE  which follows the trials and tribulations of the New York times newsroom trying to compete with on-line  A real fascinating documentary to watch but highlights one important fact that they mention in the trailer here ( News is not dying its just how we deliver, distribute and consume the news that is changing. that doesn’t just go for newspapers it goes for film distributors, book publishing etc. 

It’s worth thinking about how you digest the news and media in general and what is the most efficient process for you as this is not a one off, you can expect more and more of this across the media industry.,0,4478257.story



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