You have the power

Good article here explaining the best way to reduce energy bills is not to focus on the supply side and moan about energy companies but rather focus all your efforts on trying to reduce the demand side.

I bought batteries the other day for the first time in ages, and after replacing the dead ones in my remote I looked for something else to use the rest of them. There was not a single thing in my apartment apart from my remote that I could use batteries for. Everything else was plugged in or sitting in a docking station charging. Its even more prevalent nowadays thanks to the “Apple effect” where although they do generally sell great products their built in battery life is not so good and therefore constantly on charge to juice it up.

I have found that I have turned into my Dad, where I follow my girlfriend around the apartment ensuring that switches are off, when they are not being used etc and never leave anything plugged in when it doesn’t need to be, (much to her annoyance btw.)

But this is really the only way to reduce the amount you pay on energy or use. the energy companies have an obvious vested interest in you using as much energy as possible and they have a very powerful lobby in probably all developed countries so it is unlikely they are going to all of a sudden just drop their prices, and if you think about it rationally if they did drop their prices it would actually probably increase demand for energy as with falling bills people would become a bit more complacent about energy conservation.

There is not just a financial incentive but also an environmental incentive to reducing your energy demand and both the individual and government should focus their efforts on reducing the demand side of the equation rather than paying lip service to the supply side. Education for consumers on best ways to preserve and reduce their energy usage, maybe tax breaks for companies producing energy efficient products and this article points to  a great idea of rewarding consumers for producing “negawatts” or in english reducing their wattage use.

If you are looking at your energy bill and thinking its too high there is no point in complaining about the energy companies, changing your consumption pattern is the best way to benefit yourself.

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