It can be done

Reading this article really gave me an uplift today and thought it was important to share. It tells the brief story of the Mayor of Thessaloniki in Greece and how his efforts to improve the city are in direct contrast with the rest of the country.

In a country strapped with onerous public debt and savage requirements for austerity and restructuring it appears that this mayor has actually just gone and done something about it. He is actually shrinking debt and cutting taxes at the same time which is freeing up businesses and helping them pay wages on time etc.

Seems like quite an unusual character for politics in he may have had a chequered past but his absolute refusal to go along with the inertia and bureaucracy present in Greece is motivational. His city is on target to run a budget SURPLUS and increasing construction projects at the same time. Not many in Greece can claim that at the moment.

Full marks to this guy’s efforts and proof that when you eradicate red tape and just roll your sleeves up you can get things done even in the most unlikely of circumstances. It does refer to potential problems with garbage in the city and the bureaucracy he is facing there to get the problem solved so I wish him well and seems he is up to the task.

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