How can 15 bullets cost less than a baby’s toy?

Its not my place to discuss issues of gun control and given the recent disturbing and heart breaking stories of the latest shootings in the US its even less of my place.

But two things I saw this a.m. troubled me greatly, yet to be 100% confirmed but this article points to no levy on guns or ammunitions in the US???? How can that be possible?? This is an eye-opener to me, This article from a while back points to Chicago attempting to implement “the first levy in the nation.” If this is accurate then can we not try and kill two birds with one stone here. Slap a massive tax on guns and double if not triple, quadruple  the price of bullets and ammunition (just like cigarettes) and perhaps we have less guns ending up in the hands of lunatics and raise some much needed revenue for the state.

A quick search on-line at walmart shows I can buy a smith and wesson for $36.89 that’s approx EU28. (I was going to post the link as proof but on reflection I don’t really want to encourage anyone clicking on it) I can then purchase a pack of 15 bullets for $8. Call me a lunatic but it the gun cost $3600 and the bullets cost say $800 I reckon a lot less of these ” sports and outdoors weapons” (as they are classified here) would end up in the wrong hands. Same way that not every girl is walking around with a genuine Birken handbag as it is prohibitively expensive. Price goes up real demand should go down.

Unfortunately this does not solve the problem as the gun on its own does not harm anyone its social issues etc that are the real melting pot that needs to be addressed head on but it certainly would be a start and like I say would raise some much needed revenue for the state, especially if the tax were applied retroactively.

As a small comparison that makes little sense but highlights the problem the aforementioned pack of bullets from above cost just less than $8 in walmart. The v-tech stand to learning baby walker cost three times as much at $24 – perhaps we have our priorities wrong?

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