Something is not quite right

While Michael Noonan and co are involved in back slapping and self congratulation over the “hard fought deal” achieved overnight, I find it very worrying that in a scheduled press conference today Mario Draghi was particularily evasive in answering any questions regarding said deal.

Completely dodged, avoided and refused to say anything even close to acknowledging a “deal.”

I appreciate its naff to use qoutation marks to denote sarcasm but I cant seem to bring myself to call this situation a deal in the truest sense of the word.

This “deal” has pulled the rug from under close to 1000 people in current employment who have awoken to their job in jeopardy overnight, and regardless if I owe you 10 quid and pay you back over ten days or twenty I still owe you 10 quid. You can argue that inflation and economic growth will inflate that debt away but for me I would prefer the government pulled all night sessions more often about new and unique ways to enable that economic growth engine to rev up rather than worry about the semantics of a “deal” with the ECB that the head of cant bring himself to either confirm of deny.

A touch worrying.

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