Protest voting underpins Italy’s chances

Many reading this wont agree with me and I know one who certainly wont but Italians who use their vote as a protest and vote for someone like Bepe Grillo and the five star movement only serves to hamper their countries chances at much needed economic reform. 

Grillo has been an activist against corruption for years and has done good work in attempting to expose the corruption and dirty politics that has led Italy down the economically destructive garden path. He has done good work in this field and people like him certainly deserve a place in the spotlight. He is however a populist and possibly does not live up to his own standards. He has actively campaigned that no-one with a criminal record should serve in office while he himself holds a conviction that he has conveniently ignored. Grillo I’m sure is a charismatic and talented individual but when it comes to the much needed economic reform issues that face Italy which really is the main crux of the issue I feel he will be a lightweight. 

It is unlikely that he will outright win the election, but perhaps the best outcome is to have someone like him in a coalition type role to keep whatever government is elected on the straight and narrow. But to use your vote as a protest is a backward way of looking at an election. Who you feel is best suited to take your country forward in the given context is a much more productive use of your vote.

Grillo does serve as a valuable member of Italian society, one that has been mirred in corruption for years and with hope this election can have a winning outcome for both sides i.e Bersani & Monti to lead the country forward in terms of economic reform (which they can do) and perhaps Grillo in some kind of capacity that roots out corruption that is still very much embedded in the system, (how else can you explain Berlusconi running?).

I wont devote any words to discussing Berlusconi and leave it at that I think its a joke that he got this far, any self-respecting informed citizen would do well to avoid embarrassing themselves and vote for the man. 

Voting continues today and we should have an idea of leaders by around this time tomorrow.


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